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Since the earliest of times, long before malls and specialty or hobby shops have proliferated everywhere, people used to make their own gifts. They gave drawings, cooked food, cultivated flowering potted plants, or made articles of clothing. They made sure that what they gave was a product of much planning and preparation and was presented in extravagant packaging that they themselves creatively made.

Giving gifts made by the hand almost always warms the heart. It is because gifts of crafts mean that the giver put in time, effort, and creativity in coming up with the gift. And most of all, gifts of crafts come from the heart. Whether the gift is something as complicated as a piece of knitted Clothing or something as simple as a Christmas Card—each one will surely be cherished by the receiver. Additionally, a gift that is made by the hand is unique and personalized, making it more special. Among the more common craft gift items include personalized scented candles, drawings or caricatures, ceramics or pottery, jewelry made from beading or sapphire gemstones embedded in hand-made bracelets, craft apparel made from cross stitch or crochet. Beading is also being done on slippers and this became a very popular item among women. Those were the happy days of crafting.

In recent years, with more and more people going into graphics design, digital art is fast becoming a popular form of expression. This new kind of art may be expressed in different media such as printed cards, e-cards, mugs, t-shirts, posters, and stationeries, among others. And thankfully, too, the realm of arts and crafts has evolved. Some were inspired by the painting of Madonna and Child. With it came craft accessories and craft supplies that are unique, colorful, cute, funky, and that cater to any and every occasion. Gadgets that were specifically designed for crafts have been developed. The specialty stores carrying these supplies also abound everywhere. So it is already easy for people to come up with unique creations from the many raw materials available. They can mix and match and come up with their own designs. Or they can ask for templates or samples from the crafts store that they can model. If you have a talent for drawing that you have honed over the years and would like to learn more, sites like Spires has primary school tutors to guide and help your artistic side blossom. But it seems that people have become too busy nowadays to make their own gifts. Each one is too busy with his or her career to be bothered with making crafts. A store-bought gift is more convenient. But no matter how expensive, something grabbed from the store shelf lacks the emotional attachment that a personalized gift can bring. It is rather quite sad that it is mostly the children now who enjoy making crafts. Their creations are made especially for parents, friends and other loved ones. And they give their most complicated gift to the most special person in their lives, who are usually the parents. This is probably because children seem to be the only ones who have time for doing crafts. Or maybe because their budgets are limited that they would get rather creative and settle on making gifts?

Our imagination is limitless! You can draw a grizzly bear holding Captain America's shield fighting off hundreds of  tasmanian devil with a monstrous bonobo and alchemy-wielding elephant as dangerous as Lex Luthor with Evander Holyfield like punching power. Explore and be creative! You have no idea on what you can do with your mind.

Hopefully, even with the busyness of people nowadays, they will not neglect their creative side by indulging in some craft making. Using the hands creatively is very good therapy for the soul.